GDPR Module for FileMaker Solutions

Atatiki’s GDPR Module that can be added to most existing Solutions

Atatiki’s GDPR Module for FileMaker Solutions

Atatiki has built a GDPR Module that easily can be added to existing FileMaker Solutions. Depending on your GDPR data assessments, it can be used to destroy sensitive data, whilst keeping the base record in your database.

Why would you need this? One of the most common reasons is reporting. But due to corporate data policies, there is a challenge to report on historical data when data expires. Destroying certain parts of the data, will keep the record remains and allow for reports to be run. This helps when comparing past and present business performance and similar activities.

Unfortunately GDPR compliance is not just a check boxing exercise. Although this module will help, it will need to be part of a bigger process. You need to understand what data is stored, handled and shared across your business and business activities.

To read more GDPR in Sweden from the Swedish Data Protection Authority
Read more about GDPR in the UK from the Information Commissioner’s Office

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