We combine business development with custom-built tools for organizations in all phases, sizes, and industries

More often than not, our customers’ business processes are a prerequisite to their success. Many have already tried finding a ready-made system to serve their needs, but ultimately decide it’s not worth it to compromise their processes just to fit a standard set by somebody else. That’s where we come in.

we are fast, really fast…

…with good tools, and an eye for design

Our extensive experience, drawing from many different industries, gives us the ability to shift perspectives quickly. Using tools like Filemaker, we can make the impossible happen. Filemaker gives us the ability to create solutions suited for Macs, PCs, iPhones, mobile devices, and web browsers.

Filemaker allows us to build solutions fast. In principle, we can create a working draft directly after the first meeting with a client. It’s easy to get it right. We are, naturally, certified, and actively engaged in producing high quality developers.

We never sell ready-made systems

Together with our customers, we identify specific problems and needs. Under a short period of time, we pull together a first version of a tool which the customer can then begin testing right away. That way, the customer can, in a practical manner, test and discover that which what was well thought out and that which needs to be changed. With this as input, we deliver the next version.
As a result of this iterative process, a useable tool is ready to go under a short period of time— with a first working version available within weeks. Others choose an ongoing development process, where continuous operative improvements and adjustments can be made.

“Since we got exactly what we’d asked for, we didn’t even need a user manual.”

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We’re recruiting—are you one of us?

  • Atatiki is expanding!

    Our customers like what we do, and under the coming quarter we are looking to connect with an additional three senior developers who are specialized in Filemaker.

    Atatiki combines business development with the customization of tools for organizations in all phases, sizes, and industries. Our customers’ business processes are valuable and sometimes even a prerequisite to their success. Oftentimes, they have already tried to find a ready-made system that solves their problems, but haven’t been willing to change their processes just to fit into a model designed by someone else. That which we deliver is often of strategic significance for our customers.

    We always try to be several consultants working for each customer. It’s a good method for quality control and skills transfer, which in turn increases customer assurance. Besides, it’s more fun to work together.

  • We believe that the right person…
    • is seeking a greater outlet for their energy and creativity
    • gets a kick out of solving problems
    • appreciates being part of the dialogue with both customers and colleagues
    • is reliable and happy to work as part of a team, where everyone works together and supports one another (it’s always an honorable thing to support a colleague in a tough position)
    • has maybe trained others in Filemaker or facilitated run-throughs in different public contexts
    • has knowledge and experience of other systems
    • wants to be an important part of a smaller company with the ambition to make a difference
    • thinks it would be cool to change the industry a little bit
    We prefer that you have at least 5 years experience in systems development in filemaker and that you are certified.

Senior Developer
You’re the expert!

App Developer
An enthusiast!

Junior Developer
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For more information, please contact us at +46 08-410 246 50 or info@atatiki.se.

How can you develop business operations with it as an instrument and a driver?

We are an IT company that specializes in business development. Or, possibly, we are a business development company that builds customized IT tools. We eliminate the gap between management consultants and IT providers to transform theoretical possibilities into operational reality.

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Just like our solutions, our client list is a smorgasbord of all kinds of businesses. With the help of our knowledge, which is broad and based on experience, we can present solutions that are tailored to just your taste.


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